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our brand and mission

who is Tat's Towz?

At Tat's Towz, we know there to be two types of people in this world: those who do and those who watch. For all those that do, let this be the place to discover all of today's most unique and adaptable women's active wear and accessories.

One thing is for certain; active wear, fitness apparel and yoga clothes are no longer restricted to the gym or studio. Nope, today's active wear is for everyday use. Whether your shopping, meeting friends out for lunch or picking the kids up from school, active wear is a comfortable and stylish way to tackle the day.

Tat's Towz believes if you look good, you feel better and you perform your best! So we offer the highest quality women's active wear and accessories that not only look good, but make you feel confident to tackle your daily workout and then take on whatever the world has to throw at you!

And lastly, let it be known that we believe BLACK IS BORING! Yes, we know it hides some of those imperfections, but the right products and materials will do that while letting you express your inner spirit and standout in a world drab. Don't blend in!  

our original intent

Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness.

our mission statement

To help women around the world live a life of full expression.

about our products

We offer active wear for yoga, running, dancing, and most other sweaty pursuits.  We have incorporated athletic fit denim, heat and perspiration-resistant cosmetics.  Each product is made with every effort to maintain environmentally friendly standards.

about our stores

Tat's Towz is built on having strong ties to our local communities.  Being able to give back and helping make our planet a better place is done by our community ambassadors. We are constantly updating our selection to ensure uniqueness.  Our online store also sends out weekly emails to keep you in the loop, and you can sign up for that too.