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all about the active wear

BuzzBuzz....4:00am always seems like it comes to early to head to the gym but I do it and love getting my work out in first thing.  On the nice days I ride my bike 6 miles there and 6 back its a great cardio change up...why not!  My name is Tana it rhymes with banana but don't tell my kids I said that they will, never mind.  After working in a family owned union commercial roofing company for over 15 years and being in that mans world I decided to make a bold career change.  Having the entrepreneur spirit I decided to start this Boutique.  Since I was young I always was on the search for those one of a kind finds, shoes, jewelry and clothes.  I didn't want to run with the pack but lead it and not ever be caught.  So as an adult the feeling always stuck with me even when it came to my active wear.

My search for high performance super cool active wear then began.  Take it from me I wear this stuff everyday, all day, in the gym and just out n about.  So what's a girl to do?  I curated a super cute collection of my favorite finds that will set you apart, its high performance and holds up wash after wash.  I'm continuously researching and talking with designers to keep things new and minimize you ever seeing another girl at the gym wearing your outfit.  A lot of those National brands are everywhere you see when new items have been launched it's all over the gym that week.  That won't be the case with my collections I'm all about you finding that super rad piece and getting so excited to wear it to the gym the next day no copycats.  Maybe that is why I get out of bed at 4am. 

 If you have any questions, requests or looking for something specific e-mail me and I will help you out.  Im here for you