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all about the denim

When you’re determined to build strength and endurance you deserve jeans that reflect your effort.

Athletes train hard, chase goals and achieve results. You squat, you lift, you move…you’re building more muscular legs and greater "assets." Being blessed with strong, thick legs and a fabric stretching bottom shouldn’t be a hindrance on your ability to find high-quality denim. Why should you have to settle for ordinary jeans that don’t properly fit your body?

“No other jean is engineered like Relentless the history of denim.”

Just like fitness, the world of denim is changing. Performance and fit have been redefined and Relentless Jeans are engineered to meet these standards head on. Our jeans are built to be functional and fitting for the evolving female and male body shape. By reworking how a pattern is made and refining sewing and pocketing construction, our jeans achieve the ultimate fit. We pair these exclusive improvements in shape with the most technologically advanced denim in the world, making Relentless unlike any other jean on the market. 



About Our Jeans

Innovation and Engineering - Relentless Jeans are engineered for an amazing fit that accentuates your shape. We didn’t just take a pattern, make the waist smaller and add more room to the thigh, butt and calf areas (in our research we've found this to be common with other manufacturers). We revolutionized how a pattern is made and the way denim is sewn, achieving the ultimate fit. We have also incorporated a proprietary pocketing