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find your "fit size" denim

Our Mens and Womens jeans size differently from your traditional jeans . You can comfortably order your size (as outlined below) knowing that our denim has been engineered to fit a figure with athletic legs and a fuller butt, eliminating body / fabric gaps in the waist. You no longer have to size up to fit those quads!

We have made suggestions below based on our extensive testing and “fit size” events. We share this Reference Chart as a starting point for selecting your FIT Size but as seen bodies vary in measurement and shape, making it tough to suggest a size based on hip measurement alone. It is important to note that the sizing guide below has proved to be quite accurate in our Mens FIT Size estimates, where most Men wear a Relentless size 2 waist sizes down from what they traditionally purchase (i.e. a traditional 34 waist would wear a 32 in Relentless).

As outlined in our exchange/return policy we offer one free exchange (for domestic orders) to make sure we get your size correct. If you send us a photo and measurements we’re happy to make a suggestion on what size might work best…how’s that for service?