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success stories

Tasha Starr (Master Coordinator, Manitoba, Canada)

A girlfriend of mine introduced me to Shaklee when I was looking for a laundry detergent that would clean my clothes and be safe for my family. I joined as a Member with the purchase of a Get Clean® Starter Kit and when I received my kit and logged in to, I learned about other Shaklee products, including Shaklee 180®.

Once I saw how the program worked, something inside me said I should try it. So I upgraded to Gold Pak and began the program, replacing two of my meals with a Shaklee 180® smoothee. In my first five months, I lost 60 pounds. By the end of a year, I had lost 90 pounds!

Losing weight has propelled my business – I've become a walking billboard and I am so excited about my own success that I am excited about sharing it with others. And thanks to the FastTRACK program – the accelerated career path that Shaklee offers – I've been able to earn some great rewards by inviting others to join me in leading a healthier lifestyle and helping those who want an extra income to achieve their goals. 


Erin Branscom (Senior Coordinator, KS)
I’ve helped over 40 moms live The Shaklee Effect™

Now my passion is helping other moms. With Shaklee, I have helped over 40 moms be able to earn an income from home while being fully present in their children's lives. What a gift!

For over two years now I have been at home with my kids working Shaklee part-time and getting paid a full-time income. I’ve also lost over 40 pounds* with Shaklee 180®. I used to parent from the couch, now I am training for my first triathlon! Shaklee has changed my family. We’re able to travel together, spend more time together, and enjoy a better quality of life.


Becky & Chris Cash (Master Coordinators, IN)
Flexibility for Family

One of the best things about having a Shaklee business is flexibility! With Shaklee, we're living a life we that works for the needs of our family in a way the corporate world never could. Because we are not tied to an office from 9–5, we are able to be there when our kids’ schedules need us to be. We are now earning several times what we were making when we worked in the corporate world. Shaklee has enriched our family’s life in so many ways. 


Carlos and Evelyn Cortez (Lifetime Master Coordinators, NY)
Living the American Dream

Carlos and Evelyn have been blessed with a career that affords Evelyn the opportunity to stay at home, home school and care for their daughter Cristina, and they couldn’t be more grateful. 

Carlos and Evelyn Cortez immigrated to the United States from El Salvador with dreams of achieving financial independence and creating their own lifestyles. For the first several years, Carlos struggled to support his family while working two jobs and countless hours.

Then, in 1983, Evelyn was introduced to something she and Carlos hadn’t considered—a home-based business. “We were looking for a good opportunity, but we didn’t know what we were looking for,” Carlos says. “Then Evelyn learned about Shaklee at a social meeting, and she came home with the idea of becoming a distributor.” At the same time they were investing their time and energy in Shaklee, Carlos was still working two jobs. But it wasn’t long before he was able to place Shaklee at the center of his focus. 


Jen Morris (Sr. Executive Coordinator, NY)
Waiting for the Next Amazing Adventure

I was introduced to Shaklee over six years ago. I was not in the best state of health and was working several jobs so I could support my acting career. The summer before I finally joined Shaklee, I spent a month backpacking in Western Europe. It was during this trip that I realized I didn't want a typical 9–5 office job. Having the freedom to determine how I spent my time was so important to me. I also realized how much better I felt. I came back from that trip and was ready to make some major changes in my life.

Little did I know that Shaklee would have everything that I was looking for. Thanks to Shaklee, not only have I been able to create a business, I have been able to have some amazing experiences, including life-changing trips to Kenya and to Paris. Trips are simply the icing on the cake. But the Shaklee lifestyle is almost unbelievable, and I often feel like I have to pinch myself. I really didn't think it was possible to have everything I wanted in a career and future, and now I can't wait for the next amazing adventure!